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ACP Council—comprised of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and members of the public appointed by the Minister of Health—governs the practice of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and the operation of licensed pharmacies through authority granted it under the Health Professions Act and the Pharmacy and Drug Act. Council “carries out its activities and governs its regulated members in a manner that protects and serves the public interest,” while ensuring the integrity of the pharmacist and pharmacy technician professions. 

ACP’s vision is “Heathy Albertans through excellence in pharmacy practice.” This vision is at the forefront of Council deliberations, constantly focused on enabling and guiding pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to provide high quality and ethical care to Albertans.

Council is guided by the college’s vision, mission, and values in striving to achieve the five strategic goals identified in the college’s five-year (2016-2020) strategic plan. This plan has five strategic goals:


Pharmacy technicians will be integrated into pharmacy practice teams, exercising responsibility for roles they’re authorized to fulfill.


Pharmacists will consistently conduct an appropriate assessment of each patient prior to providing any pharmacist service. 


Patient care records will include continuous documentation of pharmacist assessments, treatment plans, record of care, and monitoring results. 


Patients will have access to pharmacist prescribing and injections through all licensed pharmacy practice settings.


Patients will expect pharmacists to provide appropriate assessments, advice, and support about their health (treatment) plan at each encounter.


To read the entire plan, visit ACP’s website at


Brad Willsey, District 1

Peter Eshenko, District 2

Rick Hackman, District 3

Fayaz Rajabali, District 3

Stan Dyjur, (President-Elect), District 4

Brad Couldwell, (President), District 5

Kamal Dullat, District 5

Kelly Boparai, Pharmacy Technician – District A

Dana Lyons, Pharmacy Technician – District B

Taciana Pereira, (Past President)

Al Evans, Public Member

Irene Pfeiffer, Public Member

Neal Davies, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Alberta

Adi GargStudent Representative