Modernizing role statements

Do you know what a pharmacist’s role is within the health system? Or a pharmacy technician’s? There may be more to each professional’s role than meets the eye, especially considering the scope of practice pharmacy professionals enjoy in Alberta. 

After collecting input from pharmacy and other health professionals, ACP developed modernized role statements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Role statements describe a professional’s identity and purpose within the health system, focusing on what they do, rather than why or how they do it. 

The updated role statements provide meaning to individuals and families who use pharmacy services, and offer clarity to other health professionals, community service providers, and stakeholders who practise with or who are impacted by pharmacy services. 

Role statements for Alberta pharmacists were last developed in 1995, as a precursor to the Health Professions Act. The role statements for pharmacy technicians were developed in 2008, in advance of technicians becoming regulated. As much has changed since then, the modernized role statements are based on current practices, and provide a platform for the future.

The modernized role statements for pharmacy professionals have been approved by ACP Council and are recommended for inclusion in Schedule 19 of the Health Professions Act.