A Vision for the Future of a Healthy Alberta

For the first time ever, ACP, the Alberta Pharmacists’ Association, the Pharmacy Technician Society of Alberta, and the Alberta branch of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists collaborated to create a 10-year roadmap for the future of pharmacy in Alberta. A Vision for the Future of a Healthy Alberta sets out a clear vision for how Alberta’s pharmacy professionals will contribute to the sustainable health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by practising to full scope. 

The vision is based on six themes: 

  1. care,
  2. professionalism,
  3. relationships,
  4. integrated technology,
  5. quality drug distribution, and
  6. engaging health system.

Altruistic, person-centered care has become the focus of pharmacy practice. It’s not just about treating disease. It’s about preventing disease and helping individuals achieve their health goals.

The vision calls on pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to not only meet professional standards and expectations, but exceed them. Standards are established as a baseline, a minimum. By exceeding what’s expected of them, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians will be more able to provide the best care possible.