Message from Public Members of Council

Public members are an essential component of ACP Council. They are appointed by the Minister of Health and provide valuable insight, input, and oversight into the college’s policy and decision-making processes. Their contributions to ACP governance helps ensure public accountability.

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As public members of ACP Council, we represent all Albertans. We bring our unique and diverse perspectives to the table in Council discussions—and our views are valued. We contribute to governing the practice of pharmacy in Alberta. 

2017 saw significant change to the way pharmacy services were delivered to Albertans, which demanded adjustments by individuals and pharmacy professionals. The changes that took place, including reinstating the ban on inducements and the introduction of guidelines for assessing patients with opioid medications, were necessary steps towards increasing the overall quality of pharmacy practice, and the health and well-being of Albertans. In particular, pharmacy professionals are well positioned to make a positive difference in the opioid crisis, and Council will continue to support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to make that difference.

As we move forward to 2018 and beyond, the public members of Council will continue to have the best interests of all Albertans as our priority when developing policies and standards to support pharmacy practice. Albertans can rest easy in knowing that ACP Council is committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in pharmacy practice. 

We have more work to do to achieve the goals Council has set for itself, but we are confident we will get there through rigorous debate and proactive decision making, always taking into consideration the needs of individuals and the health system today and in the long term. It is our aim to help maintain Alberta as a leader in the development and support of pharmacy practice in Canada.


Al Evans

Irene Pfeiffer