Message from the President and Registrar


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Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, at entry to practice, commit to serve patients, society, and our professions by “living” our Code of Ethics. Pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are privileged to serve individuals, families, and communities by supporting them to be as healthy as possible. Health is their reason for being, through the care they provide.

Caring means that pharmacy professionals work with individuals and their families. It includes how they practise with other members of an individual’s health team to address their personal health priorities and health goals. Success depends on the relationships that pharmacy professionals build, the respect they provide, the trust they earn, and their willingness to be “in the moment” for individuals when they need them most. 

Caring is absent of judgement or stigma. It demands discretion, respecting ability, preference, and choice. Relationships and trust are not incidental—the strongest and most meaningful are built over time, strengthened through each experience.

Caring is an experience, defined not just by what pharmacists and pharmacy technicians do, but equally by how they do it. How they communicate (listening, speaking, and body language) is the gateway to every experience. Empathy and listening build trust and possibility.

Throughout this year, we have been repeatedly reminded about the importance of care. The opiate crisis has invited greater awareness about professional behaviours and meaningful assessments when caring for vulnerable individuals. It has emphasized the importance of building relationships with everyone we care for, because the trust we build today will enable us to be most effective when they need us most. 

Behaviours that evoke care are paramount to the professionalism demonstrated by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. During the past year, our college has initiated a dialogue to heighten awareness of professional behaviours. Our goal is to integrate the desired behaviours of pharmacy professionals into all programs administered by the Alberta College of Pharmacists. 

We invite you to read our annual report and learn about how ACP has nurtured the care provided by Alberta’s pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and the impact of their care through the patient stories we have shared.


Brad Couldwell


Greg Eberhart